• Hipster Musical STATUS

    Posted by gmadmin   |   December 23, 2012

    At the beginning of 2012 I made a pretty insanely big promise. I said that four new musicals would be ready to roll by 2013. Granted, I had already written all four musicals, but none of the music had yet been written or recorded yet. So it was a big task.

    The good news is that It’s a Wonderful Life, Night of the Living Dead, and The Phantom Empire! are FINISSIMO. The Atomic Brain! has also undergone a major face-lift, with brand new tracks that are on par with our new stuff. That just leaves Hipster. The update on that is it is sooo close to being finished! All the tracks are done, so now I’m just layering in vocals. I’ll be done with the male vocals this weekend, and Leah will knock out the female vocals before New Years. So we are going to meet our deadline. 🙂

    I’ll do my own rough mixes and put those online so you can hear how the songs go. It’ll probably take a few weeks longer to get polished mixes, but those are just for demo purposes anyway. Lead sheets will be ready by January 10th, and then shortly after that those will evolve into piano/vocal books, and then full scores. Since most schools use canned tracks (which I recommend since we have the best canned tracks around) the lead sheets are all you really need.

    It was a tall order indeed, but we are gonna make it. I’m so proud of the Go Musicals team!!!

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