• What materials are included with a production?

    Most of our shows have scripts, a full score, a piano/vocal score, individual instrument parts, poster artwork, a demo, and the same performance tracks that are used in the demos. There are a few exceptions, but we are working to have uniform materials for all our shows in the near future.

  • Can I get a hard copy for a perusal, or is it just pdf?

    As of 2016 we are only dealing in digital files.

  • How much do the rights and materials typically cost?

    Scripts, sheet music, artwork, and music tracks are all provided free for you to download. As for the royalties, in order to accommodate under-funded programs, our rates are suggestions and not fixed. Visit the Pricing page to see a table of our suggested royalties.

  • Do you send physical scripts and sheet music, or do you send pdfs with a photocopy license?

    As of 2016 we are only dealing with digital files. We send you pdfs with a photocopy license and you can print as many scripts and songbooks as you need.

  • I want to produce one of your shows. How do I order?

    Just click the big “Order” button at the top, fill out the form as best you can, and we will email you to complete the process.

  • What is your policy on changes to the script?

    We are not fussy about that at all. We’ve never told anyone they couldn’t make a change before, though we still like to get a little heads-up if you plan to do anything really drastic. Our goal is to make sure you have the materials to put on the production that you want, so do whatever you need to do to make the production yours.

  • Do you take submissions from outside writers?

    We haven’t published any outside work yet, but we’re thinking about it. If you’ve got something, send it our way and we’ll see if we can come up with an arrangement that works for everyone.

  • I want to write a musical. Can you help me?

    Sure! Email Kevin at kevin (at) gomusicals (dot) com and he’ll be happy to chat with you. If you want us to actually help you write the musical, we can do that too, but we can’t do that for free. Shoot us an email and we’ll see if we can work something out.