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    Posted by gmadmin   |   June 29, 2013

    I’m sure Music Theater International is a fantastic company, but schools and theaters need an alternative to the same repertoire of shows that get produced every year. Seriously, how many times do you want to direct Guys and Dolls?

    MTI gets the biggest shows straight from Broadway and Disney, so they are limited in how flexible they can be to accommodate smaller drama programs. Those shows weren’t written for high schools or community theaters. And at sixteen I personally wouldn’t have wanted to perform in anything with “Jr” in the title. For grade schools that’s fine, but not for high schools.

    Our mission at Go Musicals is to provide people with a fresh alternative to the MTI catalog of musicals. We hope you’ll take a look around the site and check out what we have to offer. 🙂

    Kevin and Leah

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