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  • Vinyl, Sugar Lips, and Cowboys

    Posted by gmadmin   |   September 13, 2013

    Things are moving so fast here. The new Final Vinyl is ready to rock. Hipster has a new song. The Phantom Empire backing tracks are done and Leah and I are recording vocals. Night of the Living Dead is getting new artwork. I won’t even mention what’s in the works for It’s a Wonderful Life. And most importantly, the feedback we’re getting from teachers and students has gone from great to amazing. I’m feeling really good about Go Musicals this season. All the hard work over the past couple of years is paying off. Let’s hope we get lots of productions lined up. 🙂 Super excited for my lesson with the great Craig Bohmler this weekend. But he’s not going to want to see what I’ve finished; he’s going to want to see what I’m working on. So over the next few days I’d better get cranking on the next script… 😉

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