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    Posted by gmadmin   |   January 15, 2013

    I was thinking about search engine optimization yesterday and googled “New School Musicals” (with the quotes). What showed up as the top link? A jokey youtube video about the High School Musicals movies by a couple of kids with only 99 views. Granted, if you leave off the quotes that video does not come up as high, but it still goes to show that Go Musicals could be ranking a lot higher for a lot of key search terms.

    So consider this post an experiment. I renamed an old Go Musicals video “New School Musicals” and made the title of this post “New School Musicals.” I’m repeating the phrase “New School Musicals” in the text of this post to see if that makes a difference, too. Finally I’m going to embed that video titled New School Musicals here:

    Let’s see if this post ranks high in google when I search for “New School Musicals” in a few weeks! 🙂

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