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    Oki-Doki! is a stage musical inspired by Japanese Role-Playing Games of the Super Nintendo-era. Its hero is a high school student bent on winning the Battle of the Bands when robots from the future steal his guitar. He pursues them back in time to the 16th Century where he discovers a plot by a powe . . .
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    Kevin Frei’s Post-Modern Hipster Musical (You have Probably Never Heard of It)

    Determined to become a hipster and win the heart of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Charlie moves to the hipster capital of the world – Portland! Unfortunately this leads to the destruction of his personality and a post-modern crisis involving Zooey Deschanel, Santa Claus, and the tyrannical author of t . . .
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    Setting the classic Frank Capra film It’s a Wonderful Life in the years 1999-2008, GBM follows the dreams and disappointments of George Bailey as he learns the hard way what matters most in this life. Current, relevant, challenging, and uplifting, this adaptation is a musical for all seasons. . . .
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    Night of the Living Dead! the Musical

    When dead celebrities rise from the grave with a hunger for human flesh, a musical writing team, an executive, a lawyer, and two young lovebirds take refuge in an abandoned country house. They soon discover that pop star zombies are the least of their worries as they uncover a conspiracy by an ancie . . .
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    The Atomic Brain! the Musical

    The Atomic Brain! the Musical is adapted from a 1960’s ‘B’ horror movie. Greedy, ruthless, friendless, and vain, Hetty March is everything she ever aspired to be… except immortal. But she’s working on that. She has spent a fortune funding the research of a brilliant (but co . . .
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    Gene Autry in The Phantom Empire!

    The Phantom Empire was Gene Autry’s first movie, and it remains one of the most iconic yet bizarre science fiction serials ever. In our stage adaptation, the singing cowboy and his young sidekicks must save Radio Ranch from a band of evil scientists and, oh yeah, the underground civilization of Mu . . .
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    Final Vinyl!

    Introducing the NEW Final Vinyl! This is the musical that started it all for Go Musicals. Now we are premiering a wholly revamped version that makes our most popular musical even better! The colorful citizens of Dorkle find their very existence threatened when Paxton, an agent of the Galactic Empire . . .