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  • Musical Performance Royalties

    Posted by gmadmin   |   July 12, 2014

    Every time I send a teacher or director a quote for the performance loyalty, I’m half-tempted to just say: “what sounds fair to you?”

    The truth is we want people to perform our work. We want teenagers to do exciting theater, and we want to be a part of those memories that will last a lifetime. The money is secondary.

    All theaters struggle in this world, but some struggle more than others. Many theaters simply cannot afford to pay the royalty fees for some of the bigger name musicals from the major licensors. That doesn’t mean MTI and Sam French are greedy companies; after all, they have all sorts of contracts with a zillion stakeholders in all of their shows, and everybody has to get paid.

    But with Go Musicals, it’s just us. We can charge whatever makes both of us happy. So if you ever request a price quote from us and get sticker shock at the price, tell us and we’ll work with you. Just let us know what sounds fair to you.

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