• Seven Slots for Short Term Memory

    Posted by gmadmin   |   August 23, 2010

    We have seven slots for short term memory, give or take maybe one or two. That’s all you get. Try to concentrate on any more than seven pieces of information in your head at a time and the house of cards will likely fall.

    There’s this amazing thing in stores called paper. Use it. Write down your options and tasks; cross out the wrong answers; write out the long division; prioritize and number your items; write down your ideas; circle, underline, star. When you’re done, crumple the paper and throw it away, or stick it in a box for posterity. Do this when you are taking a test, planning your weekend, making a big purchase, tackling a project… Free up some short term memory (in computer terms, your RAM) so you can think properly.

    Start a good habit and write stuff down.

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