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  • Summer 2012 – busy busy busy!

    Posted by gmadmin   |   June 4, 2012

    I just want to share an update about the shows I’ve promised to have finished by 2013. It’s a Wonderful Life is so close to completion I can practically taste it. The demo music should be completely finished within the next three weeks. I’ve decided to work on Night of the Living Dead next because I want to try to get it ready by Halloween if possible (though that’ll be pushing it). After that will come Hipster. Note that the songs are already written and I know how they’re going to go. There’s just a long, laborious process between having a song in your head and having it on CD. But I’m working on ways to speed things up, and so far it has been pretty successful. I am totally confident that I will have everything that I’ve promised ready in time for Spring productions. Hopefully some of it will be ready much sooner. 🙂

    So far I haven’t had much of a response to “Gene Autry in The Phantom Empire!”, which is a bummer because I think it’s an awesome show.  It’s the only show I’ve done where I’m not creating original music, so it was obviously ready much faster than the others. All the songs are authentic cowboy songs from the 1800’s. I initially planned to write new songs, until I started looking through the American songbooks and I realized there was no way I could outdo the classics. The lyrics to some of those old cowboy songs give me shivers. They probe into the deepest mysteries of life in a way I never would have expected. I hope I can figure out how to stir up more interest in that show, because it’ll be a real shame if nobody gets to see it.

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