• “Working with Go Musicals was one of the best experiences I’ve had in a long time. They understand the high school setting and do everything they can to meet our needs. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new and upbeat musical!”

    Stacey A., Drama Teacher:
  • “Go Musicals is unlike any other! Their passion in what they are doing comes through, not only on the page, but in dealing with their customers. Their open communication is amazing! (They were) prompt and flexible and allowed us to put our own spin on the show.”

    Michael K., Drama Teacher:
  • “These pieces should make the other musical sources run in fear…. The structure of the musical was very accessible for the performers as well as easy to split into rehearsals. The music and script were easily sent and the price was fantastic. It allowed us to do the first musical for our high school in six years. The music was written in a way that made even our most challenged singers sound like Idol winners!”

    Seth J., Drama Teacher:
  • “I loved this show! It’s the best show I was in in all of high school. It’s young, modern, hilarious, and a ton of fun!”

    Kelsey W., Student:
  • “The musical was a wonderful experience for our entire performing arts department. It has expanded our theatre program.”

    Christina V., Drama Teacher:
  • “I can honestly say this is the most fun I’ve ever had with a show, period.”

    Jake M., Student:
  • “The students responded to this choice of musical with great enthusiasm. The ‘zombies’ brought new students to audition and help build our performing artists. Audiences loved the musical, evidenced by our sell out weekend performances.”

    Eleanor P., Drama Teacher:
  • “My kids and I had a blast with The Atomic Brain!”

    Amy G., Drama Teacher:
  • “The show was a fantastic success last weekend. We had a larger audience than any production I have done here before or my predecessor in the last six years! Not to mention that the audience totally loved it!!!…. This show has definitely gotten many involved and excited to be a part of our Drama club next year, which is nice since we were running this show on a bare bones Drama club and crew. Thank you so much for this wonderful musical!!! Thank you also for allowing us to make changes and have fun with it, this really allowed the students to take on the show and make it their own!”

    Victor G., Drama Teacher:
  • “Well… it went fantastic! All four shows sold out, and the patrons really loved it…. The kids had a blast!”

    Vickie S., HATTheatre: