• Avengers tonight!

    Posted by gmadmin   |   May 3, 2012

    Avengers tonight!!! Got my ticket and I’m STOKED!!! I actually think the previews look lousy, but the reviews so far have been great and in general I have a lot of faith in writer/director Joss Whedon.
    Last night someone told me they thought Thor was awful, but I actually thought it was pretty great. I think my appreciation for Thor comes from the fact that I think the one thing keeping me from growing up into a real adult has been a desire to see a superhero movie that approximates the size and scope of my own childish imagination, or at least one that approaches the size and scope of the comic books on which the movie is based. Case in point: Superman. Superman is fully capable of fighting monsters the size of mountains. So why was even the most recent Superman movie about him trying to foil Lex Luthor’s real estate scheme? Since modern special fx and cgi can allow anything to happen on screen, why weren’t we seeing the kinds of battles in movies that we have been seeing for years in the comic books? For me, Thor finally answered that. It said: you wanna see a Superhero flex his muscle against hoards of giant monsters? Here ya go.
    Anyway, while I’m off topic (the topic is that I’m seeing Avengers tonight and I’m stoked), I’ve given some thought to the idea of a superhero musical. And here’s what I’ve concluded: it’s a terrible idea. The Spiderman musical sounds to me like the worst idea ever. And with the music of U2? Really? Look, I’m a Spiderman fan. I’m a musical theatre fan. I even think U2 is okay. But whoever thought that mixture was a good idea was crazy. At least, they were completely out of touch with Spiderman fans. I love Spiderman. I do not want to listen to him sing U2 songs while he swings around the stage.
    So to recap: I’m going to see Avengers tonight. I liked the movie Thor. I’m not going to write a superhero musical. Man I suck at this blogging thing lol.

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