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  • Night of the Living Dead begins!

    Posted by gmadmin   |   February 25, 2012

    First day of writing Night of the Living Dead (after extensive outlining) went really well!!! This one is practically writing itself. It’s going to be great. It has very little in common with the movie, though.

    I’m also thrilled with how the demo tracks for It’s a Wonderful Life are sounding. Leah sounds amazing in “Live for Today.” Looking forward to recording another song or two for Hipster in the near future. I might forego doing backing tracks for The Phantom Empire at all because I really think that musical should be played live anyway, and there are already plenty of recordings of those songs to use as a reference.

    I really want to write a musical about Paris. I have some great ideas. Maybe 2013 (hopefully I’ll get to write on-location!).

    For now I’m enjoying my first-ever laptop computer. I got it on Craigslist for $200 and it’s sweeeet. I’ve always been prejudiced against laptops because I like to have plenty of room at my desk and laptops feel so cramped, but this will make it a lot easier for me to get work done while traveling. Maybe I’ll start going to Starbucks to write and become one of THOSE guys lol.

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