• Going it Alone

    Posted by gmadmin   |   October 5, 2012

    I’ve always tried to forge my own path and go it alone. I didn’t study writing or theatre in college, and I’ve never been a part of any formal theatre development program. Rather than move to a major theatre market or submit to established publishers, I opted to stay in Phoenix and do things my way, carving out my own niche, figuring out a new way to get from A to B. In some ways that approach has served me well, but it left a lot of holes in my game that will keep me from getting to the next level. At some point you need guidance or you will spend all your energy trying to reinvent the wheel. You need encouragement and validation, too, if you plan to survive for the long-haul. You need someone who is further along than you to tell you: “I believe in you, kid, so I want to pass my learning along to you.” I didn’t realize how badly I needed that until I got it.

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