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  • Florida Festival! Helloooo Tampa!

    Posted by gmadmin   |   February 24, 2012

    It looks like I was able to get into the Florida and California thespian festivals despite having missed the registration deadline. So I’m going to Tampa baby! Woooo!!! I’ll be staying at a funky little hostel near the convention center. The place has a hot tub, a bar, a stage for live music, and the dorm where I’ll be sleeping is inside an old train car. They’re even renting me a bike for the weeks so I won’t need to rent a car. I cannot express how stoked I am about this vacation – I mean WORK trip! When I’m not manning a booth at the convention, I’ll be taking in the sights and sounds and beaches of Tampa!

    In other news, check out the new track for It’s a Wonderful Life, “1999”!

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