• What is success?

    Posted by gmadmin   |   July 3, 2010

    “Success” means something different to everyone. I would love to know what being a successful actor means to you and your students, and particularly whether that standard changes with experience. Fill out the poll and share your thoughts with the Gmusicals community!

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    Personally, I tend to think  that the more  you make art your job, the less it becomes your art.  It can be both, for sure, but consider this: if your goal is to make a living by acting in New York, then success means keeping your job in the chorus of a long-running show. That’s eight performances a week of the same material for as many months as you can hold on to it. It is a JOB.

    On the other hand, success might mean acting in four different productions a year in small, intimate venues with fearless local theatre companies. It won’t pay and you will have to keep a day job – but you’re not seriously doing theatre for a paycheck, are you?

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