Our Musicals

Night of the Living Dead the Musical from Go Musicals Night of the Living Dead!
It's just like the George A. Romero classic film but with music, celebrity cameos, time travel, Mickey Mouse, karate rangers, pan-dimensional conspiracies.... Come to think of it, it's almost nothing like the movie, but it's crazy fun and unlike anything else!

It's a Wonderful Life the Musical from Go Musicals It's a Wonderful Life!
Setting the classic Frank Capra film in the years 1999-2008, It's a Wonderful Life! follows the dreams and disappointments of George Bailey as he learns the hard way what matters most in this life. Current, relevant, challenging, and uplifting, this adaptation is a musical for all seasons.

Kevin Frei's Post-Modern Hipster Musical from Go Musicals Kevin Frei's Post-Modern Hipster Musical
(You've Probably Never Heard of It)

Charlie moves to Portland to become a hipster because he has a recurring dream of meeting a girl with cool hair in a record store called Bob Hope's Demeanor. There Charlie meets Zooey Deschannel and gets beaten up by Santa Claus. Everything spins out of control when the hipsters discover that their actions are being controlled by the author of the musical.

The Atomic Brain musical from Go Musicals The Atomic Brain!

Hetty is rich, vain, and getting old, so she hires a scientist to figure out how to transfer her brain into the head of a younger girl. After some experiments with cats and dogs prove promising, Hetty begins searching for a new body. Nina, Beatrice, and Anita arrive at Hetty's mansion to serve as her housekeepers. On the plus side, they soon discover, they aren't expected to work much. On the negative side, they're all going to die if they don't get out fast!

The Phantom Empire musical from Go Musicals Gene Autry in The Phantom Empire!
Featuring a large cast with total gender flexibility and authentic cowboy songs straight from the American songbook, this musical is an endearing blend of sci-fi, western, camp, musical, Americana, and pulp fiction - just like the 1935 serial on which it is based. It's hard to summarize, but it has to do with Gene Autry, a ranch, a radio show, and a futuristic underground city ruled by Queen Tika.

Final Vinyl the musical from Go Musicals Final Vinyl: A Rock Invasion!
Our original musical! Paxton Pax must save a small planet of Dorks from the Empire of Rock. This musical features a huge cast full of colorful characters, crazy costumes, and just about every genre of music.

The Branson Bandit Babes musical from Go Musicals The Branson Bandit Babes!
A band of ruthless cowgirl bandits take a small town hostage. By all accounts this musical was a total miscalculation on our part - it's way too dark and edgy for 99% of our customers. But we still think a good production of this rockin' musical would tear the house down!