Final Vinyl the Musical

Final Vinyl the musical from Go Musicals

Final Vinyl!

Introducing the NEW Final Vinyl! This is the musical that started it all for Go Musicals. Now we are premiering a wholly revamped version that makes our most popular musical even better!

The colorful citizens of Dorkle find their very existence threatened when Paxton, an agent of the Galactic Empire of Rock, shows up to determine if the Dorks are cool enough to survive. Spoiler: they are NOT. Now it's up to Paxton to save this swing- and jazz-loving planet from the ruthless Emperor and Empress of Rock in a sonic battle unlike anything else in musical theater!

5M, 4F, 4M or F, + Townfolk

Paxton Pax [M]: An interstellar soldier of rock!

Leah Solaire [F]: A reluctant heiress.

Zazar Zippley [M]: He's evil.

Star King Gala [M]: The King of Rock from outer space.

The Star Queen [F]: The Queen of Rock from outer space.

Betty Solaire [F]: Leah's mom.

Austin Solaire [M]: Leah's dad.

Pendleton Pax [M]: Paxton's dad.

Meredith Pax [F]: Paxton's mom.

Mayor [M or F]: The civic leader of Dorkle.

Buyers (Noba, Grok, Zorlox) [M & F]: Vinyl smugglers who buy records from Dorkle on the black market.

Dorks: The cheery inhabitants of Dorkle.

Rockin' Bots: Gala's army of robot dancers.
Final Vinyl Final Vinyl
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