Friday, March 22, 2013

Night of the Living Dead! the Musical

Night of the Living Dead! the Musical has a new song! I decided to flesh out the relationship between Harry and Helen in the latest draft of the script, so I gave them their own song: "Libertarians in Love." I also changed "Take it Back" so it is a duet. This is also a good time to show off something new I tried with youtube. Check it out:
You can use the little "annotation" links on the player to navigate the songs. Pretty cool, huh? Personally I still prefer the soundcloud player, but this gives people another option for listening to and sharing the music.
Also, I built a dedicated page to Night of the Living Dead at Now why, you might ask, would I do that? The answer is that ol' Kevo has been trying to learn how to get a better page rank in google for my key search terms, and it dawned on me that I have these great domain names going to waste. I also built Now why, you might still be wondering, am I mentioning all this in a blog post? Well, using this blog is part of optimizing for search engines, too. As long as we're making the sweetest new musicals for high schools out there, we might as well help people find us on the internet! ;)